It is our goal for you to have the best, most unique beer for a great price. We support local breweries and love to bring together the community with great beer. We take pride in our knowledge of beer!

We brand our company like the expression "farm to fresh". In doing so, we get to support both local breweries and local establishments allowing the beer to be as fresh as possible.

Meet the Team

Founder & CEO

Hello, i'm Troy. I've been working in the craft beer industry for many years and finally decided to follow my dream of being a business owner in the craft beer industry. Beer is not only my passion, but it is also my specialty. In addition to my craft beer experience, I have great relationships with many local breweries and distributors. This is what ultimately led to the idea of Tap Monkey. My goal is to spread my knowledge of craft beer throughout Orange County! Beer for me is a lifestyle; there is nothing more satisfying then taking a nice big sip of a fresh beer that you know is made with local ingredients!!! I enjoy drinking every style of beer, every style...